Exclusively offering Stanley Brothers Products with Charlotte's Web inside.

VidaCann is a Jacksonville based flowering plant nursery that has been in the Florida market since 1958. We have a personal passion for organic cultivation and making high quality, consistent products. For these reasons VidaCann has become Florida’s leader in providing patients with the safest and most effective medical cannabis products.

All of our products are rigorously tested and manufactured in our cutting-edge laboratory following industry leading standards, creating the best products possible and the highest purity in the Florida market. Extraction and refinement processes at VidaCann are taken very seriously. By removing all of the unwanted impurities, we are left with the beautiful oils that create the VidaCann products.

Stanley Brothers and Charlotte’s Web

VidaCann is honored to be partnered with the Stanley Brothers, creators of the well-known Charlotte’s Web brand. As Florida’s Only Licensed Provider of Stanley Brothers products, VidaCann will be following the same standard operating procedures to insure consistency, just as they are made in Colorado.

Exclusively offering Stanley Brothers Products with Charlotte's Web inside. They will come in a variety of cannabinoid ratios so that each patient can customize their order to their specific needs. These ratios range from completely non-psychoactive, just as the traditional Charlotte’s Web is made in Colorado, to higher levels of THC with an infusion of Charlotte’s Web CBD.

Realm of Caring

VidaCann is partnered with The Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC), which is a nonprofit organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Realm of Caring Foundation empowers you to enhance your quality of life by providing and expanding cannabinoid research initiatives, educational services, and advocacy programs. The RoC has full time staff members ready to support both physicians and patients with their cannabis needs through their toll-free call center.
(719) 347-5400 – option#1